We're planning our 2023 budget and want to know what matters to you!

Guided by Council’s priorities, our annual budget is part of a five-year financial plan that sets out the planned services and initiatives for the next five years, and how the City will pay for them.

Port Coquitlam residents were invited to have their say until March 26 on the City’s draft 2023 budget, which makes investments in safety, housing and other priorities with one of the region’s lowest planned tax increases.

For the average home value, Port Coquitlam’s draft budget calls for an increase of 3.38 per cent, or $105, including both property taxes and utilities. Budget details were delivered to homes starting the week of March 6 in the annual Budget at a Glance mailout, and residents can also find information at portcoquitlam.ca/2023budget.

Learn about the draft 2023 budget at portcoquitlam.ca/2023budget and from the links on this page.

The budget survey closed on March 26. Those that submitted input will be considered before Council makes its final budget deliberations in early spring 2023.

Message from City Council

Council Members

Left to right: Cllr. Pollock, Cllr. Washington, Cllr. McCurrach, Mayor Brad West, Cllr. Petriw, Cllr. Darling and Cllr. Penner

As we prepared Port Coquitlam’s 2023 draft budget for public comment, two themes remained top-of-mind: affordability and the critical services our citizens rely on.

At a time when rising costs are affecting our residents, we went line by line to deliver a draft budget that gets the basics right, invests in key priorities, and meets our responsibilities – while also having one the region’s lowest planned tax increases.

Like everyone, the City is also dealing with inflation and other rising costs, many of which are beyond our control.

To offset this, we looked for responsible ways to fund new work without taxpayer impact, and carefully reviewed our revenue streams, including fees, charges and grants. We also benefited from more development revenue and higher investment returns.

Please review our 2023 budget details here and online.

Where Do My Taxes and Levies Go?

Your annual City property taxes and levies are applied to a wide variety of important services and programs.

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The 2023 Budget Survey has now concluded