Port Coquitlam has been awarded a Complete Communities Program grant by the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM); this Program is designed to support local governments in assessing the completeness of their community and will be a valuable tool to help inform the upcoming update to the Official Community Plan.

Communities thrive when they can provide for the everyday needs of their residents. Complete communities are communities or areas within a community that meet the daily needs of their residents. These are communities or areas where you can find a diversity of housing options for people of all stages of life, where there is easy access to services, amenities and work opportunities close by. Every community can improve to better meet these daily needs.

The project will focus on the following four perspectives or "lens" to evaluate how well Port Coquitlam is doing in meeting the daily needs of its residents. Here's a brief description of each:


We'll look at the suitability and availability of different housing choices, including affordable options and different forms that match residents' needs in all stages of life.

Daily Needs

We'll analyze how easily residents can access jobs, important city facilities, and services using different modes of transportation (walking/cycling/driving, etc.).


We'll assess the community’s access to active transportation networks (walking/cycling) and transit to encourage more sustainable transportation modes and ensure infrastructure provides transportation options for all mobilities.


We'll evaluate the sustainability of infrastructure investments, considering life-cycle costs against efficiency of servicing residents within the community.

City Staff are working with a consulting team to assist with assessing the completeness of Port Coquitlam and to suggest actions to improve the City’s ability to meet the daily needs of its residents. This information will then be used to help inform the upcoming OCP review. The updated OCP will represent the City’s long-term vision for the future growth and development of the community.

Take The Survey

We want to hear from you! Take a few minutes to fill out a quick survey that will help us understand what is important to you and your daily needs within the community. Answers are confidential and anonymous. Residents who complete the survey can also enter a draw for a $150 gift card to a Port Coquitlam business of their choice.

Complete the survey by July 2, 2024.